Håkan Sjögren
Owner, Music Producer and recordning engineer
SonoConsult started as a partnership between Rolf Ingelstam and Håkan Sjögren 1969. At that time both of us worked at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in the fields of Audiology and acoustics.
During the 1970:s Håkan was responsible for the electro-acoustic equipment in the concert hall of Stockholm. Several recordings of the symphony orchestra were made during this time together with Ulf Rosenberg. In the late 1970:s and 1980:s recordings were made for other labels among others the Christmas and Lucia song records by the Nacka choirs directed by Carl-Bertil Agnestig.

SonoConsult was not active during 1982 -1995 when Håkan Sjögren made a carrier in the computer industry. Read more about this here.

2009, a unique collaboration between the "Sveriges Körförbund" and  Naxos started to document our Swedish choir life in all its breadth and diversity. Read more here .
SonoConsult is the project manager and has recorded most of the releases so far.

After 1995 until present the recording activites were restarted. Read more about our releases here: